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I was lucky enough, or I guess feel lucky. HA HA! I am nervous, I do not know how to say this. I did a first today, in the middle of it now really. It still goes on for I believe two hours now. ; ) I don't think it appropriate to say who it is or what we are doing.  It just fells so wonderful. I can not remember ever feeling this, hmmm excited? Or, hmmm I am not sure! HA HA! This person would probably laugh seeing how I am blushing from head to bottom right now.  I know I am not as good as this person was, I tried my best to feel and write down what I was feeling, still am feeling. WOW! Ha Ha! I know this is most likely a little silly, but it was so perfect to me. A bit strange at first, then so exciting. I know not how to really describe the real excitement I could feel. Crap! Ha Ha! I will just say it. I have never been wet in the privates like that before! I wish I was better at it, and could make that person feel how I feel. I really have or do not know what else to say. It is difficult to talk about these things, but I had to tell someone, so I write it here. I sure can not tell my mom or dad! Thank you to the person, you know who your are!

Tickle tickle tickle and other things ; )

First blog

Haha! My very first blog! Excited, but not a thing to really say. Hmmm, Ah! Yesterday, my brother and I went to the little video shack. Disappointment held me while the Mister apologized. The Professional, no! Sorry he said. He seemed to be more upset then me, or is it I? Strange man. Offered to show me around, help find a DVD similar! By then my brother had chosen The Day, I think my memory of the title is correct. So The Day it   would be.

I wish I could recommend or not recommend The Day. 75% of the movie my head would be buried in the couch. A scaredy cat of what will happen next or terrified of the insanely gross violence!  

My brother says that movie was the sh#%! Haha but I believe he is wrong in the head so do not trust his judgement of The Day!


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