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Haha! My very first blog! Excited, but not a thing to really say. Hmmm, Ah! Yesterday, my brother and I went to the little video shack. Disappointment held me while the Mister apologized. The Professional, no! Sorry he said. He seemed to be more upset then me, or is it I? Strange man. Offered to show me around, help find a DVD similar! By then my brother had chosen The Day, I think my memory of the title is correct. So The Day it   would be.

I wish I could recommend or not recommend The Day. 75% of the movie my head would be buried in the couch. A scaredy cat of what will happen next or terrified of the insanely gross violence!  

My brother says that movie was the sh#%! Haha but I believe he is wrong in the head so do not trust his judgement of The Day!


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Posted on 03:41PM on Jan 6th, 2013
I saw no comments posted so I say to you this was a bit funny. I will not watch The Day if you say not to. You are so polite, it is refreshing reading posts by you after reading other posts on EP. Please write more!
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